5 Reasons Why You Should Know Administrative Work

Administrative work definitely has a negative connotation. Admins end up doing a lot of work around the office that people deem as “busy work.” But guess what!? There are HUGE benefits to being the one that does this work. Below are my 5 reasons (from experience) on why you shouldn’t worry about having administrative work on your resume, and why it should encourage people to hire you.

1. You Will Never Have to Stall Your Work Waiting For The Toner in The Printer to Get Changed. 

It’s borderline ridiculous that something like this would stop your work, but you would be surprised to realize in an office how many people don’t even know where the printer paper is, let alone how to take the toner out. Since your admin assistant probably went home while you are burning the midnight oil, if you are printing something out after hours and the toner runs out, what do you do? If you said “Send the admin an email with instructions to change the toner and print out your document for you”, all I have to say is, Really?! You need to know how do do basic tasks around the office. One, because you are an adult, and it’s called independence. And two, because never having to wait on others means your work gets done in a timely manner, and you won’t miss a deadline because there’s no toner and your admin had a doctor appointment in the morning and wasn’t able to help you. (<- might be dramatic, but you get my point, right?)

2. You Will Be a Guru at Mircosoft Office. 

Since people tend to give administrative employees the tasks for retyping memos, entering numbers in spreadsheets, and scheduling meetings, you will learn all the tricks and shortcuts of these programs that only make your life easier as your advance in your career and increase your workload. Since Microsoft Office is becoming a staple in most workplaces, you will hold a set of skills that are very in demand. It’s also nice to be able to impress people with sorting and filtering key commands.

You will also probably be a expert at different programs as well (see my last post on different systems that you may be work with.) You will more than likely get basic knowledge on many different programs, which can always be turned into experienced knowledge later on.

3. You Will Have Incredible Problem-Solving and Interpersonal Communication Skills. 

By helping a number of employees in different departments, you will learn many different ways to approach a problem. You will encounter new avenues to take your problem solving approach, depending on your situation. And since you are working with different departments and different problems, you are more than likely working with different personality types as well. This is improving and defining your set of interpersonal communication skill sets. It’s important, especially in a team setting, to be able to adapt to multiple personality traits and be able to react appropriately. Being able to be a team player is HUGE, especially in business. If people get along well with you and see how you can encourage a positive work atmosphere, you will be invited into more meetings, onto more projects, and assigned bigger tasks.

On a networking note, most of the time the admin is the person that deals with the mail service, landlord or property owner, and outside vendors. It’s all about connections, people. Don’t take a meeting for granted. You never know who, “knows a guy who knows a guy,” if you know what I mean.

4. You Will Be Quick And Efficient With Your Work.

I can’t describe how many times in my positions, I’ve gotten a tasks and when I asked when they need it completed by, I get the response of “Yesterday.” This may sound like a negative, but there are a few positives. This type of deadline encourages you to comprehend quickly. Not only do you need to understand what you’ve read on the spot, but understanding the perception of manager and of the client at the same time. You will also increase your ability to become detail oriented. No matter what level you are at, if you stare at a document for too long, the wrong form the of the word “your” becomes right. You no longer see the mistake, but your client will. By learning to spot details like grammar, punctuation, and common misspellings, this can not only help your performance in the company, but help your company’s impressions within their client base.

5. You Will Know The Company Better Than Your Boss. 

Well, maybe not better than, but you will known the company on multiple levels and depths that the CEO may not see on a daily basis. Most often, the only time CEO and upper management see the different facets of the business is when there is a problem. You will see these areas when things are working well and will know how to help solve the problems when they occur. On a interpersonal and organizational level, you will recognize your coworkers strengths and weaknesses, understand (and sometimes help create) company processes and procedures, and you will know all facets of the company you work for, and perhaps the companies that you work with collaboratively.

So be proud to be an administrative assistant. You are the future of your current company. And of the next one. Look on the bright side to every tedious job you agree to, and recognize the experience that you are getting. [Smile.] People appreciate the little things you do.

If you aren’t an admin and know one, thank the one you have TODAY. They are doing more behind the scenes than you think, or are even aware of. If you have an [awesome.great.super.fantastic] admin and you know it, make sure they know it too. Nothing says it better than a simple “Thank You” and a smile.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Know Administrative Work

  1. Jeff says:

    Great post Kelsey. You are definitely appreciated!

  2. kelseycarver says:

    Thanks! This was originally supposed to be posted last week for “Administrative Professionals Day” but I guess I only drafted it 🙂 Whoops! Still applies everyday though!

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