Leadership and Management: 101

Think of all the bosses that you’ve ever had. I mean, EVER.  Even the ones back in your high school days working part time at a clothing store or making fries at the fair. What made them a great manager? What made them a terrible manager? Now, think of coworkers who are supposed to be leaders and examples in your work. What makes you love them, or what makes you respect them less? {Feel free to discuss these in the comments below- but please don’t name call}

Unfortunately, loving or hating your bosses or coworkers is one of the major reasons why people hate their jobs, and a company culture can effect not only the work communication, but even the work that is being done for clients. If you spend over 8 hours a day with a handful of people who don’t respect you, care about you, or even acknowledge you, it’s pretty hard to shake that off on the drive home.  I know this far too well, and I know how hard it can be to overcome a poor workplace setting. I also know what it’s like to go into a job where you love the people, and even if problems arise, you come together instead of pointing the finger. Company culture starts from the top, so proper leadership and management is essential in creating a company in which people want to work for.

I actually found a great infographic yesterday, called “7 Habits of a Highly Ineffective Manager” and you’ll be glad you checked it out, especially if you are a manager. But, this also works if you are a coworker or client, too. {Note: Be aware if you are doing any of these habits. Also, be aware of your employees reactions}



I’ve been reading Good to Great (for a while now, it takes me far too long to sit down and focus on even a good book) but I read this chapter 2 times in a row to make sure it sank in. It was about Level 5 Leadership, and what qualifies someone as a Level 5 Leader, and what changes in a company when someone is a Level 5 Leader. If you have not read this book, please go do so, NOW. {Seriously, go buy it on Amazon right now. Read it. There’s your homework}

So what is a Level 5 Leader? According to Jim Collins, these leaders possess several attributes (among other fantastic qualities):

  • They are self-confident enough to set their successors up for success.
  • They are modest and humble.
  • They have “unwavering resolve.”
  • They display a “workmanlike diligence – more plow horse than show horse.”
  • They give credit to others for their success and take full responsibility for poor results. They “attribute much of their success to ‘good luck’ rather than personal greatness.”

Looks pretty easy, right? All you have to do is get these qualities and attributes (you can probably buy them on eBay, right?) and BOOM you are an awesome manager that everyone loves and adores? Not exactly..

Some of these are traits that you can train at and work towards, such as setting your successors up for success, giving credit where credit is due, and even having a workman-like diligence. By being aware that these traits not only help yourself, but help you employees and your business, you can help by making changes in your day to day work to make sure this is possible. However, traits such as being humble, modest, having an unwavering resolve may be more genetic than we think. Does this mean you are going to be a bad manager? No! Of course not. But, if you are the complete OPPOSITE of the items listed above, I’d take that into consideration and maybe do a personal evaluation.

What else does a good leader do? LISTEN. I really can’t stress that enough. Being a great leader doesn’t mean you are constantly telling people what to do and how to do it. No great leader knows everything, because if they knew everything and how to do it all, they wouldn’t need employees. When you are truly a great leader {Personal Opinion: Take it or Leave It} It means you are listening for your employees concerns and questions, you are watching their interaction with each other and your clients, and you are understanding how your team works best, even if in the best selling management books it’s under what not to do. You let your employees lead you sometimes, because you hired them for a reason.

How do you show leadership in your workplace? {hint: You don’t have to be in top management to show leadership!! So share.}

Tell me in the comments below!


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